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Being one of our most recently developed departments, the multimedia department is gaining huge success due to the great market demand for professionals by the multimedia industry.

If you are aiming at either becoming a freelancer or joining the media industry, our courses will surely be of help as our highly experienced trainers will walk you step by step through the applications of these courses. 

Photography Training Course

Whether you are aiming at starting a career as a professional photographer or you are interested in using all the options in your professional camera, this course is perfect for you. We here at CIS College give courses for people of all standards, you will get first class tuition that is easy and simple to follow and will allow you to learn all the techniques  needed for you to develop into a fantastic photographer.

Topics covered are such as: Exposure, blurring, focus, types of pictures, and many more. Create beautiful pictures while taking this course.

Upon the completion of the Photography Training Course, students receive a certification accredited in the Photography from the Ministry of Education.

الدكتور عبد القادر مكداش

Develop your multimedia skills by learning the proper ways to use a video camera and capture great scenes. The Video Shooting Training Course is perfect for people seeking to work in the TV industry or if they just want to learn video shooting as a hobby, either way this course will provide them with all the information they need to reach their goal.

Students will receive a certification in Video Shooting accredited by the Ministry of Education upon completing the Video Shooting Training Course.

Video Shooting Training Course

Video Editing Training Course

Because video montage is highly demanded in the multimedia market these days we aimed at developing this course to equip our students with the skills they need to become great video editors. The Video Editing Training Course is instructed using Adobe Premier software then later on students will learn how to use Adobe After Effects and Final Cut.

Students should finish the Photoshop Training Course in order to register for the Video Editing Training Course.

Students receive a certification in Video Editing accredited by the Ministry of Education upon completing the Video Editing Training Course.

الدكتور عبد القادر مكداش
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