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Computer and Programming

Our Computer and Programming Training Courses cover topics ranging from the most basic computer literacy to complex specialized and advanced computer and programming courses.

All of our below mentioned courses are instructed by our highly professional and experienced trainers in our computer labs which are fitted with state of the art computers and equipped with MS licensed software. These courses are greatly beneficial since they help keep people and business up-to-date in the internet world.

Computer Essentials Training Course

The computer is highly required for any job or task one might be required to do, we understand that there are a lot of people with little computer literacy. This is why we created the Computer Essentials Training Course specifically for these people. The course includes an introduction to computers, using MS Windows operating system, word processing over MS Word and Spreadsheet processing over MS excel.
The students attain a certification accredited by the Ministry of Education upon the completion of the Computer Essentials Training Course.

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Microsoft Office Training Course

The Microsoft Office Training Course is specifically for people who have computer knowledge but are required to work on MS Office. The course covers MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint from A to Z. In addition to that, we offer training for all the available Microsoft Certification Training Course that enables our students to sit for the required exams.

Upon the completion of this course, the student attains an accredited certification in Microsoft Office from the Ministry of Education.

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Access Training Course

This course enables the students to create databases on MS Access. Building databases properly is an important function for people wanting to work as programmers.

Upon the completion of the Access Training Course, students receive a certification accredited by the Ministry of Education.

Programming Languages Training Course

The number of students that are pursuing careers in programming majors is highly increasing, but some do not know where to start. Our Programming Languages Training Course will surely benefit anyone interested in programming by providing them with the languages they need and the proper tools to develop their skills later on after the completion of the courses.

We offer the following programming languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Java Script, VB,, and many more. Students can choose one or more languages at a time.

Upon the completion of any Programming Language Training Course, the student attains an accredited certification from the Ministry of Education.

Web Programming Training Course

A good website needs to have a good structure, this course teaches the students to create a perfect structure for their websites. The students end up being to deliver a functional website at the end of the course.

The material covered in the course are HTML on Dreamweaver PHP, MySQL,, and SQL.

Students receive a certification accredited by the Ministry of Education upon completing of the Web Development Training Course.

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Web Design Training Course

Because creating a good website structure is not enough to create a perfect website, we are offering the Web Design Training Course that teaches student how to make their websites looks and function perfectly. The course includes HTML on Dreamweaver, Cascade Style Sheet, Java, and Flash.

Students receive a certification in Web Design accredited by the Ministry of Education upon completing Web Design Training Course. 

Mobile Application Development Training Course

We are living in the mobile era whereby everyone is using mobile applications and all business need one. We have developed this course to teach students how to create mobile applications suitable for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Students receive a certification in Mobile Application Development accredited by the Ministry of Education upon completing this course.

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