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Language is considered as man’s finest asset. It is an essential and important way of interacting with the people around us; as it is a vital tool for communication. 

By learning more than one language, many career doors could open and help us progress in our career. Now a days, it is compulsory to learn at least 2 languages. 

Accordingly, the Training Center at CIS College launched different Languages Training Courses that would help people widen their knowledge and become more fluent in their native and even foreign language.

Arabic Language Training Course

Arabic Language is the main language for communication in the Middle East. That's why CIS College focuses on offering Arabic Language Training Courses to help Arab people know more about their language.

Also, foreigners and illiterate people who wish to learn the Arabic Language can register in our Arabic Language Training Course.​

Student attains an accredited certification in Arabic Language from the Ministry of Education after completing this course.

الدكتور عبد القادر مكداش

Our English Language Training Courses are divided in the following manner:
L01: for students who are not familiar with the alphabet and have no prior exposure to the English language
L1 to L8: these are for students who want to enhance their language skills, the higher levels include more complex grammar rules and a wider range of vocabulary. By level eight, our student would be able to read speak and understand English normally.
Upon the completion of the 4 levels, the student attains an accredited certification from the Ministry of Education.

Take our English Placement Test here

English Language Training Course

French Language Training Course

The French Language is considered to be the second most important language worldwide and a big number of jobs require having both English and French Languages.

Our French Languages Training Course is made up of several levels.

Upon the completion of the French Training Course, students get an accredited certification in French Language from the Ministry of Education.

الدكتور عبد القادر مكداش

German Language Training Course

For all those who love to learn the German Language, CIS College is giving them all the chance to learn German Language with our professional trainers.

Upon the completion of the German Language Training Course, students get an accredited certification from the Ministry of Education.

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